Cryptocurrency is the hottest sensation in the investment landscape. Is it safe? Some investors have made millions from cryptocurrency investments, but it has a high potential for losses. The cryptocurrency landscape has its proponents and opponents. Billionaire celebrity Elon Musk promoted BTC and DOGE on social media, while Warren Buffet criticized cryptocurrency. 

Investing in cryptocurrency is regarded as gambling because it is too risky. Before you choose the Ethereum wallet from ZenGo X get educated on the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, how it functions, and the risks involved. You need to be familiar with some things before investing in cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency can be a gamble or an investment. It will depend on your purpose. If you aim to buy crypto for getting rich overnight then it is clear gambling. If you feel that cryptocurrency investment is for future needs then it is regarded as an investment. 

Long term strategic approach is best. Never invest in assets that you are unwilling to hold for a decade or few years. Cryptocurrency is volatile and not a good option for the short term, but if you have faith in its future then there is a hope to earn profit in the future. Remember, there is no guarantee that its price will go high over the years, you can still lose even with a long-term approach.  

Take calculated risk

Investment always carries some risk even if you feel it is relatively safe. Take an educated and calculated risk to become a successful investor including cryptocurrency. Putting all your savings in cryptocurrency is certainly a gamble. Nevertheless, you can invest in a more calculated and educated way. 

Consider the health of your finances and determine the amount you can afford to lose. Double-check your portfolio to see if it is diversified properly. If you are adding crypto then you want to see if the other investments are stable and strong. Because if crypto fails your portfolio will stay stable and not go down. You can reduce the risk by being careful and strategic in cryptocurrency investment. 

Choosing the appropriate cryptocurrency

Which cryptocurrency you invest in matters….because there are some riskier than others! Choosing randomly can be a gamble! Even if cryptocurrencies are different than stocks, there is a need for research in the same way as other investments. In stocks, you need to research the underlying fundamentals of the potential company to find out if it has the potential to grow in the future. It is the same for cryptocurrencies. 

When you research different cryptocurrency types look for answers like does it have utility right now in the real world. Does it have the potential to enter the mainstream in the future? What advantage does it have over its competitors?

If you choose cryptocurrencies based on trends or their increased price then it is gambling. On the other hand, if you research thoroughly and believe it to be strong before you buy and download the USDT app then it is an investment. 

Whether to invest in cryptocurrency is still debatable because the market is highly speculative. It is still in its initial stage and does not have a proven or long track record. If you are determined to invest then do due diligence and choose the right slow and steady approach.