Gold is one metal that has lured humans for centuries. People from all over the world buy gold because it is considered one of the most stable investment resources. Just like currency exchange (Forex) and stocks, gold can also be traded to earn profits.

You can do gold trading and earn profits through fast-yielding investments like ETFs, CFDs, and futures. In this post, we shall see how you could earn money by trading on gold, even if you do not have trading experience in the past. Let’s get started –

How to get started with gold trading – 

Firstly, you will need to register for an account with a trusted trading platform like VSTAR. It is a credible platform that prioritizes on user-experience and is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Once your registration process is completed, you can deposit the trading capital. Your broker platform allows you to buy and sell gold safely and securely. It is advisable to start small till you become more comfortable and confident to trade with bigger amounts.

Useful strategies for gold trading

You will first need to learn how to read the gold price charts, as it allows you to analyze the price movements and patterns. Although not a rule, it is advisable to go for long trades when the prices are climbing, and to cut short the trade during falling trends. There can always be unexpected events that can influence gold prices, which is why you need to pay a close watch on the global gold trading markets.

Managing Gold trade 

  • As a rule, always place stop loss to push you out of the trade if you are losing beyond a certain limit. That way you will not get wiped out if you are losing money on one trade. You can also move the stop loss points if you see the prices are moving in your favor, but it is not recommended for beginners.
  • Know your limits and decide on a trade capital amount that you can afford for each trade. Make a plan and stick to it.
  • It is advisable to stick to your strategies and close the trades on your hit the desired mark. Don’t get carried away or let your greed take over your strategy and rational thinking.

Tips for beginners –

Beginners can lose money easily as they tend to make some avoidable mistakes. High leverage means high profits, but they also mean high losses. Therefore, it is recommended for beginners to work with low leverages and small positions.

If you are a beginner trader, you will need some hands-on experience with trading without having to lose money. Most of the leading gold trading platforms like VSTAR offer a demo trading feature, where the users can trade on real-time market movements without having to use real cash. Improve your trading skills with the demo account and build the confidence to move to real trading.

Risk management is an important part of any trading, and the same applies to commodity instruments like gold. Have a proper plan in place, but also analyze the trade results closely to improve your plans.

The gold trading mistake that beginners make – Avoid them

  • Not having a proper strategy in place and making impulsive trade decisions based on gut feelings and greed.
  • Not trading with the right mindset and ending up overtrading.
  • Not having proper stop losses on trades, resulting in total wipe-outs.


Gold trading makes it possible for you to earn good profits, but never forget that you lose money just as easily, or even faster. Practice a lot with your demo account to develop your skills and trading strategies. Try small and develop your skills before embarking on big gold trading. Good Luck!