The Employee’s Provident Fund Organisation or EPFO enabled employees to seamlessly link their Aadhaar card to the UAN or Universal card Number. One can now link Aadhaar with EPF account online apart from the offline method.

Such an upgrade allows all the employees for online managing of their PF accounts. They must visit the EPFO homepage and link their Aadhaar card to the UAN. But before we delve into the process, let’s see in detail what EPF is.

Understanding EPF

The EPFO launched the popular savings scheme, Employee’s Provident Fund or EPF, under the Government of India. The EPF account receives the 12% of the basic salary of the employee and dearness allowance (to curb inflation) that the employer and the employee each brings into it. The rate of the EPF currently is 8.10% p.a.

The accrued interest charged on the EPF is tax-free, and one can withdraw it without paying it. Employees with this plan can receive a large sum of money when they retire, and their accrued interest is a part of it. 

Reasons to Link my PAN Card with EPF Account

  • Your PAN card is one of the most important documents when it comes to finances. The card helps in keeping track of the taxes that you pay. 
  • The government made it a law to link your PAN card to financial instruments. It also helps one save EPF taxes that they withdraw. 
  • Failure to link your PAN and the provident fund account will result in a deduction of 10% TDS. Therefore, even though it is not compulsory, linking it is financially beneficial to your finances. 

Steps To Link EPF account to Aadhaar Card Online

Given below are the steps to Link  Aadhaar with EPF account online

Step 1: Type in the address for the website of EPFO and press enter. It will take you to the website.

Step 2: Type in your UAN number and your password

Step 3:  Opt for the KYC selection banner in the “Manage” section.

Step 4: It will redirect you to another website. Here is where the linking of your account meant for the contingency funding or provident funding with your Aadhaar number will happen 

Step 5:   Click “Aadhaar,” type in your name and Aadhaar number just as they are on the Aadhaar card. Click “Save.”

Step 6: Now, there will be a validation process for your Aadhaar card using the data from the UIDAI 

Step 7: If you have approved KYC paperwork, you can successfully link your Aadhaar to the EPF account. You will see the message “Verified” beside the data of the Aadhaar card.

How to Link PAN Card To EPF Account with UMANG App?

One of the ways to link your PAN card to your EPF account is through the UMNAG app. The UMANG app resulted from the Ministry of Electronics, and Information made UMANG or the Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance. But, to receive their EPF online, they must link their Aadhaar card with their UAN. Linking it to their Aadhaar links it to the EPF account.

Follow the steps below to use the UMANG app to link your PAN card and  your EPF account:

  1. Download the UMANG app
  2. In case you already have a registration, enter the mobile number with which you registered 
  3. “Enter OTP” or “enter MPIN”. Press “Continue”
  4. Type in the OTP you received on your registered phone number 
  5. Enter the “MPIN” if you wish to use the app
  6. After entering the “MPIN,” you will sign into the app
  7. To choose EPFO, go through the dropdown of the All Services
  8. Select the e-KYC services option 
  9. Choose the option of Aadhaar Seeding  
  10. Type in the UAN and click the “Get OTP” option 
  11. You will receive an OTP to your phone number with your EPF account
  12. Type in your Aadhaar card details
  13.  Once again, you will get an OTP on your phone number and email address.
  14. After the OTP verification is complete, your Aadhaar and your UAN will be linked.

Steps to Link PAN Card to EPF Account Offline

Did you know you can also link your PAN card t your EPF account offline? Yes. It is possible. Here is another process that will help your PAN Card to link to your EPF in the offline mode. Follow the steps given below: 

Step 1: Go to the nearest EPFO branch and request a form to link the two account details, I.e., EPF and PAN form

Step 2: Write down your UAN number and PAN number in the form and all other basic details like your name; etc

Step 3: Apart from the application form, another document that you will need in this process is a copy of your PAN card and UAN that you will vouch for yourself and serve as your witness. 

Step 4: After the verification, your Aadhaar and EPF accounts will get associated with each other. You can now file an online claim after the verification of the completion of the linking process. 

Step 5: A notification about the status of linking your PAN to the provident fund account will come to your mobile number.

Aadhaar Linking for EPF Accounts through KYC Portal

The EPFO allows individuals to link their contingency accounts to their Aadhaar through OTP verification. Here are the steps that you should follow:

Step 1: Click this link to go to the website of EPFO

Step 2: Choose the “Link with Aadhaar” from the “EPFO Members” option

Step 3: Enter your UAN and registered mobile number to generate an OTP

Step 4: Write the OTP on the “Confirm OTP” box

Step 5: Select your Gender 

Step 6: Type in your Aadhaar card number 

Step 7: For verifying purposes, select “Using Email/Mobile-based OTP” 

Step 8: You will receive a second OTP on your email address and phone number

Step 9: Enter the human verification text in the box 

Step 10: Click on “Submit”

Step 11: The verification will establish the linking of the Aadhaar and the EPF account on EPFO’s online KYC portal.  

Process of Linking Aadhar and UAN through Biometrics

The last process that you can use to link your EPF account to your Aadhaar card is through the biometrics credentials on the EPFO’s online KYC website

Step 1: Visit the website of EPFO

Step 2: In the EFPO Members section, click on the UAN Aadhaar link option 

Step 3: Enter your Aadhaar number and mobile number to generate the OTP

Step 4: Enter the OTP in the Confirm box 

Step 5: Select your preferred gender 

Step 6: Type in the Aadhaar card number 

Step 7: Choose the Using Biometrics option to verify your Aadhaar 

Step 8: You will submit your biometric through a registered biometric device 

Step 9: Enter the captcha in the space 

Step 10: Click on “Submit” 

Step 11: After verification, the Aadhaar and the EPF emergency account will be linked. It will occur through the OTP verification on EPFO’s KYC online portal

Importance of Aadhaar And EPF Linking 

Now that you know the steps to link your Aadhaar card with the EPF account, know the benefits. 

  • Linking Aadhaar with your UAN and EPF allows very little room for mistakes and data risks as your Information stays consistent with the Aadhaar details
  • When you link the EPF to your Aadhaar, you ensure that there will be no presence of multiple accounts. There is no room for fraudulent activities by a third party.
  • Users with the EPF can withdraw their PF through the online process without the signature of their employer. They can carry out the whole process online without any hassle.