The IPO season is here and the stock exchange is as hot as ever. Recently, we have seen quite a few new listings on BSE and NSE. As we transition into the second quarter of the fiscal, the market is back on the rise. So far, we have some really interesting IPOs this year and the results have been quite promising for both the companies and investors. Surprisingly, the IPOs are scattered across different industries, especially the ones that were anticipated at this time of the year.

Let’s dive into the specifics and look at some of the hottest and trending IPOs of this year so far. And also understand what our performance analytics has to say about it

1. IKIO Lightening

Among the few IPOs from the industrial segment, we have IKIO Lighting which manufactures LED lighting and electronics components. They have a strong presence in the decorative lighting market and they went for an IPO in June. The company introduced their IPO with about 90 lac shares at a face value of Rs 10 per share. The share was allocated for around Rs 280 per share and the listing performance was good for a few weeks, climbing up by 50%.

2. Nykaa

One of the popular fashion e-commerce brands Nykaa was another great highlight of the IPO season. The company has had great success in building a customer base with its beauty and fashion products on online and offline channels. The company was valued at 40 thousand crores with the IPO targeted to raise 5 thousand crores. Valued at about Rs. 400 per share during the IPO, the stock did not have much success after the IPO listing and the Nykaa share price has dropped to about 50%.

3. Mankind Pharma

Another successful consumer brand that was on the IPO charts is Mankind Pharma. This IPO was one of the big league listings in this industry as the company is looking to raise about 4 thousand crores through this fresh issue, The IPO was a great success not only for the company but also for the investors. With a listing price of around Rs 1300, the current price is floating Rs 1800 per share, which is a promising return in just 2 months.

4. Zomato

Continuing the list of all the big and renowned names, Zomato decided to do their IPO this season. Being one of the most awaited IPOs for food delivery app, the IPO was targeted to raise close to Rs 9500 crores with the IPO price band close to Rs 75 per stock. While the financials for the company weren’t very promising for the investors, the overall success of the business and the potential of the industry pushed the listing  Zomato share price to Rs 125 per share. While the first few months of the listing were pretty stable for the company before suddenly dropping down to roughly Rs 80 in the following months,

The IPO season has been full of mixed signals with some great successes. And we saw quite a bit of action. But there are still a few more months to go and some more exciting companies to look out for.