This is how you secure your funding for ERP Promotion program with Goverment Promotion. The attractive ERP funding from the federal government supports you in digitizing and automating your company processes. Double good news for you: an intelligent ERP system makes your company more efficient that saves resources and costs. And thanks to the ERP subsidy, you also benefit from favorable conditions. We’ll tell you which ERP funding is available and how you can secure your funding for ERP Promotion programm with Goverment Promotion with Funding and Grants. For ERP Promotion program this goes perfect with Subsidy and Investments Assistance.

Why Is There ERP Funding?

If you want to remain competitive, you have to digitize. Every entrepreneur knows this sentence. Digitization is a topic of conversation in all industries and is high on the company agenda. The federal government has also recognized that there is a lot of catching up to do in terms of digitization with ERP Promotion program. However, many entrepreneurs do not know that there are funding programs that support and subsidize such digitization projects as well as Government Promotion. Small and medium-sized companies have the opportunity to reorganize the company’s infrastructure and digitize processes. This is the perfect Assistance you can find the deals. For ERP Promotion program Stimulation this goes perfect with the Subsidy. For Investment this goes perfect. Also for State Promotion it is important.

How Does An ERP Grant Support Digitization?

Digitization affects the organization of work and the work environment of a company but also the application software used in the company, such as an ERP system. This is how companies become future-proof and able to cope with modern challenges. ERP Promotion programm with Goverment Promotion with Funding and Grants are no longer just used to record and manage data. With integrated areas for customer service, finance or document management, the software is used in practically all business processes and forms the digital heart of many companies. This is why the federal government’s ERP funding makes an important contribution to the digitization of your company. This comes perfect with Investment Assistance of the ERP Promotion program Investment for Sponsorship and Funding.

Why Is ERP Funding Important?

ERP System funding is particularly useful for small and medium-sized companies because for them the introduction of ERP software means a great opportunity. But many leave them unused because they fear high ERP System costs. The question quickly arises, “Can we even afford the software?” An ERP Investment project often begins with preliminary work that does not initially bring the company any direct benefits. In this country there are therefore various ERP funding programs for companies with up to 250 employees. You need to make the right Software purchase there.

What Can The ERP Funding Be Used For?

This ERP Promotion programm funding can be used by small and medium-sized companies, start-ups in the commercial sector and the skilled trades with a branch in this country. The ERP funding can be used for the introduction or improvement of IT security and process digitization, but also for online marketing and the development of digital products with Subsidy. There goes Advancement Support.

How Do The ERP Funding Programs Differ?

The ERP System funding can vary greatly from state to state. In some funding programs for ERP systems, only consulting and implementation services are subsidized. The actual software and license fees are excluded from funding. In other federal states, the exact opposite is the case: Here, ERP Promotion funding only applies to licenses and not to services. In the process of ERP Promotion this goes perfect with Subsidy. For ERP System this goes essential for the Grants.

The funding offer is complex and relatively confusing. You should therefore pay attention to what is being subsidized by the ERP Promotion programm funding in detail licenses, maintenance or services. The effort is worth it, especially for small companies, the funding amount can be the deciding factor. Below you can find out about the funding opportunities in your federal state.

Digitization Bonus for ERP Systems

Type of funding: ERP System funding in Baden-Württemberg is provided through the digitization bonus.

Eligible for funding: The funding program is aimed at small and medium-sized companies in all industries with up to 100 employees, both freelancers and commercial companies. For ERP Förderprogramm this works fine for ERP System.

This is funded: With this bonus, specific projects for the introduction of new digital solutions and for improving IT security are funded including ERP Promotion systems. Hardware and software costs as well as the associated services and employee training are also eligible. This ERP grant is a hybrid program consisting of a repayment grant and a loan. It can be obtained once within two years. The loan applied for must be at least 10,000 dollars the maximum funding amount is 100,000 dollars. The loan term is 5, 7 or 10 years and all gets stored in the ERP System.

How to apply for the ERP Promotion programm subsidy: You can submit the application for the ERP subsidy to your house bank, after which it will be forwarded to the L-Bank and administered there. Attention: The submitted project must not have started when you submit the application for the digitization bonus in the ERP System.

Further information: You can find details on the conditions of the digitization premium at L-Bank.

Digital Bonus as an ERP Promotion

ERP Promotion funding is provided through the so-called digital bonus.  The following are eligible for funding: The ERP Promotion funding program is aimed at small and medium-sized commercial enterprises with up to 250 employees and facilities in ERP System.

This is funded: The topics eligible for funding include the introduction or improvement of IT security as well as the migration and porting of IT systems and applications. The ERP Promotion funding is available in two variants. So there stays the ERP System.