An enrolled agent will have the following attributes that you must check before you deal with him:

  • He is a federally-approved tax practitioner
  • He has necessary technical expertise in the taxation field  
  • He will be empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury for demonstrating taxpayers before all governmental phases of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) meant for audits, collections, and also appeals, similar to attorneys and CPAs

You may also contact Tax Relief Professional in case you are looking for an enrolled agent to seek his help in your case.

How an enrolled agent can help you?

An enrolled agent can help you by any or all of the following:

By advising you

By representing your case and preparing tax returns whether you are an individual, Partnership Company, corporation, trusts, estates, and any entities having tax-reporting requirements. 

The expertise of an enrolled agent in this constantly changing taxation field allows them to represent effectively your case as a taxpayer who is inspected by the IRS.

What are the privileges of an enrolled agent?

Usually, an enrolled agent can enjoy a limited client privilege. Such privilege will allow confidentiality between you as a taxpayer and the agent under certain conditions. 

This privilege will apply under the situations in which you as the taxpayer will be represented in the cases involving audits and also collection matters but may not apply in criminal cases.  

That is the reason, they usually partner with a certain competent tax and criminal attorney to represent in every criminal case.

How other tax professionals different from an enrolled agent?

Only enrolled agents will be needed to present to the IRS their ability and skill in matters of taxation before they can represent you before the IRS.

On the other hand, CPAs and attorneys may or may not be specialized in taxes, like all the enrolled agents who expertise in taxation. 

Enrolled Agents will be the only taxpayer representatives who have got the right to practice directly under the U.S. government.