The joy of a new cell phone is exciting for everyone. We love getting new gadgets and cell phones are constantly changing and upgrading their abilities. How do they keep us hooked? 

The Technology Advances

Every couple of years or so it seems that we are upgrading from 3G to 4G to 5G. As one can only assume, 6G is probably going to be next. So what does this even mean? Well, the G just stands for generation. So 5G, which is the current standard, stands for the 5th generation of cellular broadband. This is what keeps all of us connected to our favorite apps, games, and people. We need the internet to connect us to this, that’s why we have satellites and cell phone towers all over the globe. 

They put out radio waves and frequencies that carry our messages, transactions, and clicks back and forth. The reason we keep moving on from generation to generation is that we develop ways that we can connect even faster. And once we upgrade, the devices that perform with lower generations, don’t work as well or at all. Some devices can withstand upgrades. They can update their software so they can interact with 4G or 5G.

But the desire to have the newest phone, the best tech, and the hottest trending device is still at the very forefront of our brains. And cell phone carriers know this. So they implement strategies to get us to buy a new phone every couple of years or so. How do they keep us coming back for more? 

Installment Plans

Cellular network providers knew that phones were being built tougher and more advanced. They can withstand more than 2 years of wear and tear. You can easily get 4 years out of some devices if you get a protective case and pay extra attention to caring for it. There are so many advantages to keeping a device for years. You save money, you won’t have to reformat or download your favorite apps, and you don’t have to worry about adjusting to a new device. 

But the carriers still want to make money. So they looked at when Apple and Samsung released new devices. And they estimated that about every 2 years (even more often now) they upgrade their devices. They thought the best way to get people to purchase devices through them is by “helping” us pay for the newer releases. The very common theme became that you can upgrade your device to something newer after 2 years.

Instead of paying the whole sum upfront, you can opt for installment plans over the next 2 years. And everyone ate it up. We thought this was the best idea. However, as the 2 years go by, you’ve finally paid off the new phone, and then there’s another newer and better device. It’s a never-ending cycle. But there are actually ways to avoid this. Many people opt for alternative ways to save money when it comes to the cell phone rat race. 

Don’t Let Them Trick You

After a while, some of us got wise to their tactics. Now, you can have a cell phone without signing a contract. Contracts were designed to keep you locked in, but unfortunately, some of us just can’t afford to pay $150 a month for a cell phone plan and the newest phone on the market. Many people use companies such as Straight Talk. You can purchase a monthly plan for whatever device you use. They are flexible in what they offer for the month, and it’s a flat rate without a contract. When your month is up, you can choose to purchase another month or not. Sometimes, we need to be without our phones for a day or so due to financial restrictions. 

Additionally, some companies offer refurbished phones for discounted rates. Buy now pay later cellphones are proving to be just as good as the brand new ones off the production line. If you’re looking to upgrade from what you have, but can’t afford the newest, take a look at what is available in the pre-owned department. You may be surprised to see that you can get a new cell phone for as little as $35 a month. And these phones aren’t going to take 2 years to pay off. The prices are reasonable and can help you in a pinch or when you’re on a budget. 

One of the best parts of tech advancements is the ability for all of us to network better and faster. This is an advantage for the people. We can be innovative. We don’t have to subscribe to the usual contracts and follow the crowd. We can find ways to make connecting more affordable for everyone. That’s what it’s really all about!